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How the poly bags are made?


  1. Resin Pellet  – Polymer bags begin as resin pellets. Resin can be completely new virgin resin, or recycled resin.
    Containers of polymer resin pellets. Resin pellets are melted and blown – The resin is then heated to a liquid state and blown with a stream of hot air through a ring die to create a tube of polymer film.  Resin is melted and blown into film.

2.  Extrusion: The continuous tube of film is cooled and flattened through a series of rollers. Film extruded by rollers

3.  Cutting and folding – The film tube is cut and folded in various shapes. The film is then spooled onto rolls in predetermined lengths.  Film is folded along more rollers

4. Conversion – Rolls of film are converted into individual or blocks of bags by cutting and/or sealing. Measured stacks of bags are configured for specific applications and packaged for shipping. The machine width decides the maximum and minimum width of the bags can be made.


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