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Secrets of Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Biodegradable is a good business chance for plastic industry. In recent years, bio-additive suppliers are developing strongly together government’s policy about replacement of biodegradable plastic bags for normal plastic bags.

There are many brand names in the market with sole technology; three of 10 top are Symphony Environmental with D2W additive seams to be leader concerning the network with presence in over 100 countries, second is EPI with Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA) with over 80 countries that almost in European and North American market, and ECM Bio films with Master batch pellets have narrow network with over 15 countries, but ECM is called “King of biodegradation” will be opened in near future.

The rate of Bio-additive with degradable period time

The bio-additive was born after research process base on production condition and degradable period time demand. Each company had a proprietary technology and the mount of proprietary additive totally differ.

Examples; assumption we have a similar production condition and degradable period time of plastic bags. Here is an inventory of average percentage mixed into plastic materials:
– Symphony D2W average is 1%
– EPI use TDPA additive between 2 – 3%
– ECM use Mater batch pellet can be up to 5%.

To characterize the efficiency of companies’ product, we can compare the degradable period time of biodegradable plastic bags in nature environment. With 1% additive, the D2W and EPI additive bags will degrade between 18 months to 5 years and ECM additive bags in 1 year.

All of the products seem to meet requirements concerning eco-toxicity and have to perform biodegradable test of the framework of international standards like: ASTM, ISO and EN standard.

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